Western Division (AFA)
Sport American Football
League American Football Association
Founded 1946 (with the AFA's inaugural season)
Teams California Whales
Los Angeles Comets
Portland Dragons
San Diego Destroyers
Seattle Grizzlies
Most Recent Champion Los Angeles Comets (5th title)
Most titles won by team California Whales, Colorado Centennials and Los Angeles Comets (5 each)

The Western Division is one of six divisions that make up the American Football Association. The Western Division was formed in 1946 with the AFA's inaugural season as one of the AFA's two divisions (along with the Eastern Division), and is the longest division still in existence, with the Eastern Division dissolving in 1968.

Division lineupsEdit


Creation of the Western Division. Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Pittsburgh and Wheeling are admitted as charter members of the AFA.


Pittsburgh moved to Philadelphia and Wheeling moved to Pittsburgh.


Los Angeles Comets and San Francisco Whales enfranchised. Providence and St. Louis moved from Eastern Division (Providence having moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota as Minnesota Angels). Philadelphia and Pittsburgh moved to Eastern Division. Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Detroit formed Northern Division.


Colorado Centennials enfranchised.


Seattle Grizzlies enfranchised. St. Louis moved to Southern Division.


Minnesota moved to Central Division.


Portland Dragons enfranchised. Colorado moved to Central Division.


Arizona Firebirds enfranchised. San Francisco suspended pending new ownership.


San Diego Destroyers enfranchised. San Francisco resumed operations as California Whales. Arizona moved to Southern Division.

Division championsEdit

Season Team Record Playoff Results
1946 Cincinnati Guardians 10–2 Lost First Victory Bowl
1947 Cincinnati Guardians 9–2–1 Lost Second Victory Bowl
1948 Cincinnati Guardians 10–2 Lost Third Victory Bowl
1949 Pittsburgh Miners 9–3 Won Fourth Victory Bowl
1950 Chicago Butchers 9–2–1 Lost Fifth Victory Bowl
1951 Chicago Butchers 10–1–1 Won Sixth Victory Bowl
1952 Los Angeles Comets 6–5–1 Won Semifinals, Won Seventh Victory Bowl
1953 St. Louis Aces 10–2 Won Semifinals, Won Eighth Victory Bowl
1954 San Francisco Whales 6–6 Lost Semifinals
1955 Minnesota Angels 7–3–2 Won Semifinals, Won Tenth Victory Bowl
1956 San Francisco Whales5–5–2
1957 Minnesota Angels 8–2–2 Won Semifinals, Won 12th Victory Bowl
1958 Minnesota Angels 10–1–1 Won Semifinals, Lost 13th Victory Bowl
1959 Los Angeles Comets 8–3–1 Lost Semifinals
1960 Minnesota Angels 10–2 Lost Semifinals
1961 Colorado Centennials 9–4–1 Lost Semifinals
1962 Colorado Centennials 9–4–1 Lost Semifinals
1963 Colorado Centennials 11–3 Lost Semifinals
1964 Los Angeles Comets 10–2–2 Lost Semifinals
1965 Colorado Centennials 9–5 Won Semifinals, Won 20th Victory Bowl
1966 Colorado Centennials 10–2–2 Won Quarterfinals, Lost Semifinals
1967 San Francisco Whales 8–4–2 Lost Quarterfinals
1968 San Francisco Whales 8–5–1 Lost Quarterfinals
1969 Portland Dragons 11–2–1 Lost Quarterfinals
1970 Seattle Grizzlies 10–3–1 Won Quarterfinals, Won Semifinals, Won 25th Victory Bowl
1971 Portland Dragons 8–1^ Lost Quarterfinals
1972 Portland Dragons 11–2–1 Won Quarterfinals, Lost Semifinals
1973 San Francisco Whales 8–4–2 Lost Quarterfinals
1974 Los Angeles Comets 11–2–1 Lost Quarterfinals
1975 Portland Dragons 9–5 Won Quarterfinals, Lost Semifinals
1976 Los Angeles Comets 9–5 TBD Quarterfinals
  • † – Despite winning the division in 1956, the San Francisco Whales failed to qualify for the playoffs.
  • ^ – Regular season reduced to nine games because of players' strike.

Wild Card qualifiersEdit

Season Team Record Playoff Results
1966 San Francisco Whales 9–4–1 Lost Quarterfinals
1969 Seattle Grizzlies 8–6 Lost Quarterfinals
1975 Los Angeles Comets 9–5 Lost Quarterfinals

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