Victory Bowl Host City VotingEdit

You may cast a vote for any one of the following host cities.  The bid with the most votes will get to choose between hosting the 31st or 32nd Victory Bowl, while the second-place bid will be awarded the other championship game.

Finalist BidsEdit

Los Angeles, California (Los Angeles Comets)

Stadium: Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

Capacity:  92,604

Surface:  Grass

Previous Victory Bowls in Los Angeles area:  7th (1952 season, LA 20 CLE 0), 16th (1961, DET 16 PIT 3), 21st (1966, PIT 20 DET 13), 26th (1971, PIT 15 NO 13).  Note:  each of these has been held at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, not LA Memorial Coliseum.


  • Very prestigious location, hosted the 1932
  • Olympics and is a strong candidate for the 1984 games
  • Has done a good job hosting several previous Victory Bowls
  • Los Angeles brings a great deal of glamour and attention to the game and the league
  • Has been endorsed by both the AFA Owners’ Council and the AFA Players’ Council


  • Has already hosted the Victory Bowl several times, some feel that other cities should get a chance

Note:  Would prefer to host the 32nd Victory Bowl rather than the 31st, as the former will fall a few weeks after the 25th anniversary of the Los Angeles Comets’ win in the 7th Victory Bowl.

Seattle, Washington (Seattle Grizzlies)

Stadium: Emerald Dome

Capacity:  66,000

Surface:  Autoturf

Previous Victory Bowls in Seattle:  None


  • State-of-the-Art, easily one of the nicest domed

stadiums in the world

  • Would reward Seattle and Washington for their

investment in the stadium, and thereby provide encouragement to other state and local governments considering investing in AFA stadiums


  • Is by far the smallest candidate, with more than

20,000 fewer seats than the others

Stanford, California (California Whales)

Stadium: Stanford Stadium

Capacity:  86,352

Surface:  Grass

Previous Victory Bowls in the Bay Area:  11th (1956, CHI 33 NY 14)


  • Would celebrate the return of professional football to the Bay Area

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